[rt-users] So confused on group and user rights?

Drew Barnes barnesaw at ucrwcu.rwc.uc.edu
Thu Jan 10 08:52:46 EST 2008

They can't see the queue in the list because they don't have SeeQueue 

Jake Conk wrote:
> Hello,
> So I'm struggling trying to figure out user and group permissions. I
> was told that all users need the right "Let this user be granted
> rights" so that they can create tickets but when I give a user that
> permission then they no longer have the link "New ticket".
> I activated Create Ticket, Reply To Ticket, Show Ticket, and Show
> Ticket Comments on ALL groups and roles as an act of desperation for
> trying to figure this out and still cannot create a ticket with this
> user.
> I then revoked "Let this user be granted rights" and the New Ticket
> link was there again and I was able to create a ticket but next to the
> Queue field its just "()" even though I have a queue created. I hit
> "Create ticket" and the ticket was created under my only queue but why
> doesn't my Queues show up properly for create a ticket and why cant I
> create a ticket with this user when give the right "Let this user be
> granted rights"?
> Also my custom fields for do not show up to the ticket page even
> though I select Ticket under "Applies to".
> Can someone give me a simple guide on the basic work flow when using
> this system to create a user who simply creates tickets?
> Thanks,
> - Jake
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