[rt-users] So confused on group and user rights?

Jake Conk jake.conk at gmail.com
Wed Jan 9 21:43:21 EST 2008


So I'm struggling trying to figure out user and group permissions. I
was told that all users need the right "Let this user be granted
rights" so that they can create tickets but when I give a user that
permission then they no longer have the link "New ticket".

I activated Create Ticket, Reply To Ticket, Show Ticket, and Show
Ticket Comments on ALL groups and roles as an act of desperation for
trying to figure this out and still cannot create a ticket with this

I then revoked "Let this user be granted rights" and the New Ticket
link was there again and I was able to create a ticket but next to the
Queue field its just "()" even though I have a queue created. I hit
"Create ticket" and the ticket was created under my only queue but why
doesn't my Queues show up properly for create a ticket and why cant I
create a ticket with this user when give the right "Let this user be
granted rights"?

Also my custom fields for do not show up to the ticket page even
though I select Ticket under "Applies to".

Can someone give me a simple guide on the basic work flow when using
this system to create a user who simply creates tickets?

- Jake

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