[rt-users] RTIR status?

The Anarcat anarcat at anarcat.ath.cx
Mon Jan 14 12:55:36 EST 2008


What's the word on RTIR these days?

We're running RT 3.6.3 now and we're wondering wether it is still
maintained, as the latest official release (1.0.5) is already almost 4
years old (april 2004) and requires RT >3.0. I'm aware of the 1.1.5
"preview release" (2 years old, "RT 3.4 integration") and "RTIR M3"
(seems to be a redesign of some sort, requires the RT 3.7 dev version).

So where do I go from here? What is the experience of the people here
with RTIR?

The only thing I could find about it (apart from the initial powerpoint
presentations) is this comment:


which is not really encouraging...

What we need:

 1. Business::SLA management: some people/queues/tickets need to be
 treated within X days. I know we can do that with Queues but it's only
 the priority and I can't apply it to people.
 2. the integrated Whois client is really nice
 3. Proper integration with RT: our current, working, RT install must
 not be disrupted
 4. The "investigations" in RTIR are also interesting...

Bref, what do you guys think? Is RTIR still alive?

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