[rt-users] Repeat login requests under FreeBSD

Yitzchak Schaffer yitzchas at touro.edu
Tue Jan 15 16:08:10 EST 2008


Thanks for the help.  I haven't changed from whatever the default is; I 
copied RT_Config.pm to RT_SiteConfig.pm and made some local changes.  
 From there the setting appears to be DB, as ::File is commented out:

# $WebSessionClass is the class you wish to use for managing Sessions.
# It defaults to use your SQL database, but if you are using MySQL 3.x and
# plans to use non-ascii Queue names, uncomment and add this line to
# RT_SiteConfig.pm will prevent session corruption.

# Set($WebSessionClass , 'Apache::Session::File');

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Kenneth Crocker wrote:
> Yitzchak,
>     I have just gone thru this problem. Believe it or not, it is easy 
> to fix. The answer came to me from someone who uses RT and is an 
> Apache expert. You need to specify a tighter control (Transaction) 
> over your session locks. Are you using the DataBase session record or 
> file?
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