[rt-users] Ticket history and Website issue

"Wendler, Jürgen" Juergen.Wendler at dimdi.de
Wed Jan 16 07:49:10 EST 2008

Hello Folks,


I'm running RT 3.6.1-4 on a Debian Etch Linux with Apache2 with mod_perl2 and mysql 5 and it showas a strange behaviour.


I got a Ticket where the History isn't shown on the Web Site.

The Correspond E-Mails from this Ticket show the right Content and also the database contains the whole History.

I did several things to figure out where the Problem exactly is, but I got no success:


-         Dumped the Database and installed an equal RT with same System on a Testbox

-         Disabled all Scrips (global and local ones)

-         Disabled the Queue related Custom Fields

-         Set the RT Log Level to debug 


After this I tried to correspond with the Ticket via E-Mail and via Website. The History is stored in the database but still

won't get displayed at the Website.


The Log File doesn't show any warnings or errors.


Someone has an idea how to fix this behaviour or can someone point me to the right direction to fix it myself?





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