[rt-users] LDAP AD configuration

Terence Monteiro terence at deeproot.co.in
Wed Jan 16 09:41:40 EST 2008


Just wanted to thank the people who provided the User overlay and configuration for
LDAP authentication. I was able to integrate Active Directory it for a client.

However, I found the $LdapAutoCreateNonLdapUsers flag comment misleading. When the
flag is set, users are created in the RT database for users who are present in LDAP 
and have successfully authenticated, but who are not present in the RT DB.

# Should we create accounts for users who aren't in LDAP?
Set($LdapAutoCreateNonLdapUsers, 1);

It seems to me that the comment should indicate that the user is in fact in LDAP (,but
not in the RT DB). I copied the configuration settings from:


Thanks and Regards,
Terence Monteiro.

DeepRoot Linux,
Ph: +91 (80) 4112 4784 / 85.

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