[rt-users] Custom field values from external DB

Wes Young wcyoung at buffalo.edu
Wed Jan 16 12:10:15 EST 2008

Do you need realtime updates? or can you use an action and the "rt-cron" 
tool to batch update the CF's.

I do something similar for syncing RT to ARS (Remedy).

The cron tool uses a custom search, run's the tickets through some 
conditions and then uses the "SyncARS.pm" action to pull down the new 
field values from ARS. Might be a better approach as to not put more 
connection load on the external databases.

Yitzchak Schaffer wrote:
> Greetings:
> Has anyone added custom fields where the choices are taken from a query 
> against an outside database, perhaps by modifying the RT code?  I didn't 
> see anything about this in the docs, and it didn't seem like "Include 
> page" in the CF modification screen would be able to achieve this.  If 
> not, where should I look in the source code - 
> share/html/Elements/EditCustomField seems like a good starting spot.
> Thank you very much,
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