[rt-users] CF type for dates or timestamps

Ole Craig ocraig at stillsecure.com
Wed Jan 16 19:44:03 EST 2008

It would be Really Nice(tm) to have a "timestamp" or "date" type for
custom fields that allowed the same comparison operations as RT's
built-in date fields (Created, Resolved, Updated, &etc) and translated
(as the builtins do) to/from human-parseable entry and display. Is this
on the roadmap anywhere in RT's future?

Reasons I want such a thing:
      * I need to do end-of-day, end-of-week, end-of-month, and
        end-of-quarter ticket counts that show how many tickets were
        created or resolved within the specified period, as well as a
        count of how many unresolved tickets were in each state as of
        the cutoff. I can do this with saved searches after a fashion,
        but I'm getting flak from management because the numbers don't
        add up (i.e. they're not amenable to double-entry accounting.)
        If a customer opens a ticket on Monday and we mark it resolved
        on Tuesday, and then on Wednesday the customer reopens it, the
        end-of-day counts on Wednesday will show an extra ticket -- in
        other words, Wednesday's EOD open total should be equal to
        Tuesday's EOD plus the number of new tickets created on
        Wednesday and minus the number of tickets resolved on Wednesday,
        but instead it shows one over because of the reopened ticket
        (which wasn't Created on Wednesday so it doesn't show up as a
        new ticket.) If I could auto-set a CF with a timestamp whenever
        a ticket moves from a resolved state to an open state, I could
        simply add a column in my report for "reopened today" and the
        numbers would line up. 
      * It would allow me (in conjunction with bin/rt or crontool) to
        implement a "stalled until" field where I could automatically
        un-stall a stalled ticket after a certain amount of time has


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