[rt-users] How-to-do? Ticket Custom fields with different pragmatics in Ticket life time

Dirk Pape pape-rt at inf.fu-berlin.de
Fri Jan 18 05:22:19 EST 2008


for some Queues we have a couple of Custom fields to be attached to Tickets 
in this Queue.

These Custom Fields are of different kind with respect to when they are 
expected to get a value and whether this value is expected to change.

Let me give an example:

1. some keywords have to be added by helpdesk personal when they first 
create or take the ticket (if it is created by customer).

2. severity and level of concern have to be entered in an early stage but 
may change during lifetime of the ticket.

3. some other field, for example if this ticket contains useful information 
to be postprocessed by some person responsible for the knowledge base is 
expected to be entered, when the ticket becomes resolved. For us it would 
be indeed useful to make entering a value mandatory when reolving a ticket.

We would like to control where the entry fields for the custom fields are 
shown, for example cf of kind 1 should be visible/editable on the "create" 
and the "dispatch" screen (latter is a custom screen here), kind 2 should 
be editable on each correspondance or comment screen, kind 3 should  only 
be visible on resolve screen and mandatory there.

For "pragmatic kind" of cf cannot be stored anywhere an "mandatory" status 
does not depend on the "pragmatic kind".

How would you implement this fetaure in RT without coding somthing like "if 
name of custom field is xyz then ... else ..." in all of these mason pages?


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