[rt-users] suppressing email generated by script to import tickets from another ticketing system

Mark Chappell m.d.chappell at bath.ac.uk
Tue Jan 22 11:41:10 EST 2008

Tom H wrote:

> I have a script which imports tickets from another system using
> something like;

Given I'm probably about to write something similar, I'd be interested 
in any script that you've come up with to do this...

We're in the process of merging two RT systems, and there seems to be 
little to no code out there for doing this as it stands...

I was going to create the tickets through the RT interface (having 
dropped most of it into an XML file.  Then copy most of the Transaction, 
Link and Attachment data with a little munging directly from one DB into 
the other.  It was decided that things like User and Group history 
weren't required, and the donor RT server had nothing interesting with 
regards templates or custom fields

Mark Chappell
Unix Systems Administrator

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