[rt-users] Canned Replies

Stephen Turner sturner at MIT.EDU
Fri Jan 25 13:57:54 EST 2008

At Thursday 1/24/2008 10:31 AM, Steve Cochran wrote:

>I've been thinking about the last request we have from our CS dept, to
>have easy access to a list of answers to common questions. I've read
>through the CannedReplies page on the wiki, and also read the intro to
>Obviously, simple is good, and after reading the intro, RTFM might be
>more than we need. I also couldn't find any screenshots of it being
>used from an RT ticket, just the basic ones in the documentation PDF.
>Here's the basic desires:
>         Simple pulldown menu to select a canned reply when answers a ticket
>         Easy interface to copy/paste a new canned reply into the 
> system (for
>users that aren't RT admins)
>         Capacity to handle several hundred canned replies.
>                 (understand the pulldown approach might not work for this)
>         Searching canned response content might be nice
>Given those needs, does anyone have a recommendation on which approach
>to try first?
>Steve Cochran

Hello Steve,

I put the CannedReplies contrib on the wiki - it can only satisfy the 
first of your requirements, so wouldn't be a good solution for you. 
It sounds like you need RTFM or other KB solution.


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