[rt-users] At a glance "Take" link

Steve Cochran stephen.cochran at kingarthurflour.com
Sun Jan 27 18:46:07 EST 2008

I was looking to change the flow after the "Take" link on glance  
screen was clicked. Right now, if a queue worker "takes" a ticket,  
they then have to click a second link to reply after the ticket is  

As this is the most common workflow, I was looking to combine the  
steps. Two ideas came to mind. First, passing in an action of "Take"  
to the Update.html script (which would end up being embedded into the  
form as a hidden field). Second, create a scrip that on owner change  
displays the reply view.

The second approach appeals because I can apply it to only one queue,  
but I didn't see any examples of redirecting to a different page as a  
scrip action.



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