[rt-users] Seeing approvals

Roger Mastrude isd602 at co.santa-cruz.ca.us
Tue Jan 29 17:55:35 EST 2008

On 2/8/2006 Jesse answered a question thus:


Q: I've been starting to get to grips with the Approval functionality
3.4.2) and I'm wondering what determines who is allowed to approve
and who can see approvals on the Approvals screen.


A: Out of the box, that's the owner. It should also be the adminccs, but
I don't think that's there yet.


I would like to be able to have approvals visible to all members of a
group, and approvable by any one of them. Has this been added? If not,
do we have an ETA? Is there another mechanism I could use to make this
function happen? 


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