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Stephen Turner sturner at MIT.EDU
Thu Jan 31 10:06:14 EST 2008

At Thursday 1/31/2008 02:52 AM, j0ey wrote:
>Stephen Turner wrote:
>>But I'm guessing you really want to get an accurate list of email 
>>recipients for the ticket creation? That's quite a bit more tricky 
>>- you might have to create a fake 'create' transaction, examine its 
>>scrips and then roll it back.
>that's exactly what i need. Anyone done this before?

We've done similar for replies/comments, but that's much easier, 
because there's an existing ticket and transaction object.

You'd need to do some serious hacking, I'm afraid. The logic for 
determining email recipients for a transaction requires a ticket 
object, and in your case there isn't a ticket object yet because you 
haven't created it. From what I see, the API doesn't provide for 
creating a ticket 'create' transaction and rolling it back after 
you've queried it for email recipients.

If you want to look, start at the Create method in Ticket_Overlay.pm 
and see where the create transaction is generated. If you follow the 
chain down through Record, Transaction, Scrips, Scrip, ScripAction 
and finally SendEmail and probably Notify, you'll find the 
SetRecipients and RemoveInappropriateRecipients methods, which are 
used to figure out who gets the mail. As I say though, references to 
the ticket object are embedded in these methods, so you'd have to try 
to pick out the code that just examines queue watchers etc. Not for 
the faint of heart!

Good luck,

Stephen Turner
Senior Programmer/Analyst - Client Support Services
MIT Information Services and Technology (IS&T)

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