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Michel Wils Michel.Wils at fsg.ulaval.ca
Wed Jan 30 22:50:43 EST 2008



My name is Michel Wils. I'm working for Laval University, Quebec city. We are currently trying to sync users with an external group management system via XML-RPC calls. The implementation of this task is nearly finished, but I still have one thing to figure out.


Here's the short picture. Currently and only for development purposes, I used the User_Local.pm overlay to link users with external groups. Our goal is achieved through the HasRight method. Unfortunately, this function is called very often in one session (particularly when using the Web interface) and it would be more efficient to do so only once per session. Besides, I'm not quite sure if it works outside the Web interface and it has to.


I've looked in many core files and the User overlay seems to be my best option. I've also searched in existing overlays, LDAP for instance, with no luck. HasRight is still the best I could find. To put it in a valid and complete question, does anyone know where I could sync RT users with external groups only once per session (which could be a login from the Web interface or an incoming mail) ?


Thank you very much. Your help would be mostly appreciated.


Michel Wils

Technicien en informatique

Faculté des sciences et de génie - Direction

Pavillon Adrien-Pouliot, local 3708

Université Laval

(418) 656-2131 poste 5681

michel.wils at fsg.ulaval.ca


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