[rt-users] Merging two instances

Alex Howells alex at bytemark.co.uk
Thu Jan 31 06:06:34 EST 2008

Hi Konstantin,

> We would like to merge one RT (old one) database in to another RT (new one) without losing any tickets or user data.
> These both RTs have about the same number of existing tickets (about 400k) and these tickets numbers are conflicting with each other.
> I've scrolled through the Wiki and the Lists, but failed to locate any data on the matter.

I'd guess that's because this is something of a corner case!

> Does anyone have experience of performing such a merge? I'd appreciate any recommendations and solution to make sure we do not lose any old RT data when moving to the new RT.
> Tricky issues that I see, apart from the id conflicts are:
> 1)      the 'old' RT is 3.6.5 while the 'new' one's 3.4. Don't ask why=)

You could leave the old tickets on 1 -> 400,000; increment the second
install IDs by +500,000 and then have 'new' tickets appearing after the
migration start around the 1,000,000 mark I suppose?

> 2)      the conflicts in user emails can exist. Customers could be registered in both RT instances prior to merging.

I don't believe there are any scripts for this out there, so I guess
you'll need to hack up something to ensure 'clean' merging of users,
plus all the references to updated IDs remain intact?

Someone else might have better tips!


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