[rt-users] Scrip for escalating priority based on to address from header

Stephen Turner sturner at MIT.EDU
Thu Jan 31 10:59:54 EST 2008

At Wednesday 1/30/2008 06:06 PM, Kimberly McKinnis wrote:
>my $to = 
>if ($to =~/xx\-alert\@.*\.?tivo\.com/)
>return 1;
>It doesn't error, but it seems to be ignored entirely. I used 'my', 
>as the global variable was throwing errors about global symbol 
>requiring an explicit package name. Perhaps it's working and not parsing right?


A very useful tool is the RT logger. If you put logging statements in 
your code, they'll show up in the RT log, so you can see if your code 
is being executed, examine variables etc. The code looks like this:

$RT::Logger->debug("I am here");


$RT::Logger->debug("Ticket number is: " . $self->TicketObj->id );


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