[rt-users] Merged tickets are sloooow after upgrade to 3.6.6 - Locking problem?

Franz Georg Köhler lists at openunix.de
Tue Jul 1 09:30:00 EDT 2008

Hello everyone,

after upgrading to V3.6.6 merged tickets are really slow.

After doing a bit research, I saw a lot of MySQL entrys stating that
get_lock queries took a long time:

# Query_time: 69  Lock_time: 0  Rows_sent: 1  Rows_examined: 0
use rtdb;
SELECT GET_LOCK('Apache-Session-1b11b6323211dc42ec9d40473784e254',

I first converted the table to innodb and then changed the session
backend to Apache::Session::File.  Now the mysql log entries are gone
but the ticket system is not faster than before...

However, this does only affect merged tickets.

It seems that rt locks and tries to access the locked data in some way                                                                                                                             
because it used to be two tickets?

Has anyone else experienced this behaviour and dound a solution?

Best regards,

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