[rt-users] Definition of user permissions

Steve Handscomb Steve.Handscomb at alphagroup.aero
Tue Jul 1 15:56:00 EDT 2008

Hello All,

I've just started using RT in the last few days, and although I did use it many years ago in another life, I've forgotten most of the tricks of the trade.

The one thing I cannot find, (and my search has included google & the wiki, as well as the archives of this very list) is a definitive explanation of permissions;

What I mean is 'what would happen if I gave xxxx the AdminQueue permission or AssignCustomFields permission'

Once I get back into the flow I would be more than happy to start contributing to the wiki, as one of my first projects will be to document the process for use in our company.

Many thanks
Steve Handscomb.

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