[rt-users] Trouble with LDAP authentication (equivalent config)

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Thu Jul 3 14:34:30 EDT 2008

--- On Thu, 7/3/08, Mike Peachey <mike.peachey at jennic.com> wrote:

> You have got the Auth callback that actually calls the LDAP code
> haven't you? It would be in $RTHOME/local/html/Callbacks I think.

That was it, thank you.  I copied the file for the LDAP callbacks from
production machine and now it functions!  What application/file installs
the LDAP callbacks?  (The dev. machine was installed with ExternalAuth,
would this have remove the LDAP callbacks?).  I'm just curious what puts
the LDAP callbacks there.

Thanks a million.  (been troubleshooting this for some time)



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