[rt-users] [PATCH] Title page internationalization

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Sun Jul 6 09:35:40 EDT 2008

On Jun 11, 2008, at 8:16 AM, Vaclav Barta wrote:

> Hi,
> just playing with RT (3.6.6), and I see that it's localized to Czech  
> (great!)
> but not quite - not even the front page... The text "RT for %1" in  
> Logo
> element always shows in English - I know nothing about RT internals,  
> but
> apparently there's some problem calling just "loc" for localization,  
> and
> apparently it's widespread, because there already is a dedicated  
> thingy (I
> know nothing about HTML::Mason either :-) ) "l" used for  
> localization, which
> does localize - even in Logo (see the attached Logo.diff). A related  
> problem
> is that the text "Best Practical Solutions, LLC corporate logo" isn't
> localized - the attached cs.po.diff has the Czech text. I admit I  
> didn't
> check outstanding RT bugs (nor the latest sources) - I hope I'm not  
> wasting
> time here on an already fixed bug, but well, I did have time to  
> waste... :-)

I've been over this patch and I'm somewhat confused.  I don't think  
there's any need to change the <&|/l&></&> to loc('').

the |/l filter is designed to be an html 'tag' wrapped around other  
html, whereas loc() is a perl function that wraps raw text strings.   
It's purely a stylistic difference in when you'd want one or the other.


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