[rt-users] No ReplyToTicket, but I can still reply?

Howard Jones howie at thingy.com
Tue Jul 8 11:53:02 EDT 2008

(thanks for the pointers yesterday, by the way, all working now!)

Hi again,

As part of taming our RT system, I'm planning on renaming the General 
queue as Inbox, and removing the rights for support staff to reply 
directly from the General queue without filing the ticket in the 
appropriate queue first, coupled with a TakeOnCorrespond scrip. I've 
just removed the ReplyToTicket right from all users for the General 
queue, and the Rights Matrix extension (thanks again Todd) shows that I 
have no ReplyToTicket right, but I still get the Reply option in the 
menu, and it still works.

What is going on? Where to start fault-finding?

This is RT 3.6.4

Best Regards


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