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Thanks, Gene.  If you don't mind sending the scrip, sure.  In reading how you set the reminders, is this only when creating tickets?  What I mean is, can other owners set the reminders after the ticket is created?


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Hi Bill,

I do something kind of like that.  When a ticket is created in a queue that I want reminders sent on, I have an OnCreate scrip put a value into a CF named 'NagDays'.  This value determines when reminders should be sent on each ticket (send reminder if now() is within NagDays of DueDate).  If NagDays is empty then no reminder is sent.  The reminders are sent from a perl script that runs via cron.  I started with a script I found on the wiki, but then modified it quite a bit to use Business::Hours, individual (per ticket) NagDays values, logging of reminders, etc.  If you only want to do it for specific tickets (rather than every ticket in a queue) then leave out the OnCreate scrip and manually put a value into the NagDays CF for each ticket that you want reminders sent for.  I usually set NagDays to 2 for queues in which I use reminders so that 2 days before the due date the owner and adminccs start getting reminded that the due date is approaching.  If the ticket is past due then I change the wording of the nag message.  If you want, I'll be happy to send you the script (I think I sent it to the list sometime last year).


At 10:46 AM 7/9/2008, Candelario, Bill wrote:
Would it be possible to send a reminder on a specific ticket.  What I'm trying to accomplish is, on creating a ticket, setting a reminder (as in MS Outlook) that would notify me via email.  If I set a reminder for 1 week from today to do a task, I would want to be reminded on that day.


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