[rt-users] Permissions by custom field

Braam van Heerden Braam.van.Heerden at conversant.co.za
Mon Jul 14 09:55:01 EDT 2008


Here's the reply from Todd:


your clients are the requestor of the ticket? if so just give the 
Requestor role ShowTicket. if every employee of a particular client 
needs to see each ticket you may have to create a scrip to add the 
client's group as Cc and give ShowTicket to the Cc role.


Very similar to your solution.

- Braam

> Hi Braam;
> Its always interesting to read Todd's suggestions cause he is 
> always spot on; but could n't find them in the thread , ist 
> possible to forward them to the list please.
> With regard to dealing with customers, our implementation 
> here is exactly as you suggested, we group our customer 
> contacts , if any of the contacts open a ticket (via 
> web/mail), a scrip action add the rest of the customer group 
> contacts as requestors; and a set a cf to the customer 
> name(organisation), then all customer contacts can login to 
> the self service interface and view/update the tickets.
> This have served us well for the past few years, the only 
> issue we get every now and then, is when we add a new 
> customer contact that need visibility of old ticket, for this 
> I have a perl script that crawl tickets looking for tickets 
> with cf for the customer and add the new contact as requester.
> I am not an admirer of queue per customer, my philosophy is 
> that queues should represent the internal departments.
> Regards;
> Roy

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