[rt-users] Question about email tickets and custom fields

Greg Evans gevans at hcc.net
Thu Jul 17 16:52:58 EDT 2008

I have a form that people fill out and it submits the following to my RT

On 2008-07-17 an <modem_Type> was installed for Acct: "<acct number>" by
Technician: <techname>
Customer Name: TestingGuyAgain, ThatDarn
Customer Number: 1111111 1111111
Email Address: customers at emailaddress
Install Type: ModemSwap
Service Order/Trouble Ticket:
Installed Modem: <modem_Type>
Modem MAC: <MAC address>
Modem Service Level: <service level>
Learned Address:
Power Levels:
Downstream Power: -6.-6dBmV - Upstream Power: 49.0dBmV 
Router: <yes/no/yes-theirs/yes-ours>

When the ticket gets to RT, it sets the requestor to the customers email
address as it should. What I am interested in doing now is setting some of
the user (custom) fields based on the information provided. I have a User
Custom Field called (Appropriately enough) "MAC Address" and as it stands
now, I need to go through the ticket and input that manually. Is there a way
to automate this via scrips or via ???


Greg Evans
Hood Canal Communications
(360) 898-2481 ext.212 

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