[rt-users] Upgrading RT 3.4.2 -> 3.8 users' home pages

Tim Cutts tjrc at sanger.ac.uk
Sat Jul 19 03:51:22 EDT 2008

I'm upgrading a copy of our production database, so that I can work  
out what I'm going to need to do to upgrade the production version  

So far, I have got RT up and working, imported a dump of the  
production database, and upgraded the schema (using rt-setup-database  
--action upgrade, and then applying the MySQL c 4.0->4.1 changes --  
the latter step took a long time; more than 12 hours on our database)

Once it was complete, I discovered that because the home page is now  
configured on a per-user basis, none of the users have anything  
displayed in their home page, and would need to go to preferences to  
set it up.

Is "RT at a glance" not configured somewhere centrally with a  
default?  If not, how do I add a default layout to all my users (of  
whom I have a couple of thousand, so doing this manually is *not* an  

Related to this:  there doesn't seem to be a MyRequests type panel the  
users can choose in their home page.   In our old version of RT, this  
was done with a local set of HTML elements in the home page, but  
clearly that's not the right approach now.  Should I create a global  
saved search that does it, and then add that to all the default "RT at  
a glance" that he users will get?

Many thanks in advance,


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