[rt-users] DB upgrade from 3.4.4 to 3.8.0.

Curtis Bruneau curtisb at vianet.ca
Thu Jul 24 15:50:28 EDT 2008

I'm having an issue with the mysql 4.0 -> 4.1 conversion, the script 
performs ok (i had to update my DBD::mysql) it generates the proper SQL, 
I went a step further and merged each tables ALTER into two commands 
(before-after) so our bigger tables didn't have to dump more then it 
needs to (very time consuming)..

I have run into an issue with our Users table, we have several emails 
with french accents (é) that seem to convert properly but the UNIQUE 
contraint complains that é and e are the same, I had tried removing the 
constraint and it converts but won't let me add the index again, i had 
to change my client charset to view the chars properly in mysql client 
once converted to utf8 from latin1. Does anyone know how I can solve 
this? Does the server need a setting to differentiate the two in UTF8?



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