[rt-users] RT 3.8 - A Couple of questions

Forsaken forsaken at targaryen.us
Mon Jul 28 01:32:40 EDT 2008

Ok, little bit of background... I just started looking at RT a few days
ago, based on the recommendation of Thomas Limoncelli's Time Management
book (before anyone asks, yes, I've ordered the RT Book, Amazon says it
should be here Weds!). I had 3.6.7 installed and running without any
issues. Due to my current and past jobs, I'm quite comfortable with the
concepts involved with ticketing systems, so for me, it's most just
figuring out how to use the thing based on what I know and how it

So yesterday, I notice a new version has come out recently, 3.8, and
it's got iCalendar as well as gpg support. Ok, sweet.

So I've spent the night getting 3.8 up and running. However, I notice a
couple of things - 

I see absolutely nowhere for gpg configuration or for a calendar setup. 

So my question is thus - is this stuff supposed to be there by default?
If so, then I guess my build and install didn't go quite as well as I
thought. If not, then it's a configuration issue, and if someone could
give me a pointer in the right direction, I'd appreciate it, as the
documentation doesn't seem to have caught up to the release yet.

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