[rt-users] Username at RT login not matching Ticket sent via e-mail

Drew Barnes barnesaw at ucrwcu.rwc.uc.edu
Tue Jul 29 08:09:57 EDT 2008

Try RT::Extension::MergeUsers (unless that has been merged into 3.8?) 
from CPAN.

John Arends wrote:
> The fact that you have two accounts is the problem. An account can have 
> a username and an email address so they can log in as 'bob' but have an 
> email address of bob at organization.com
> I'm not sure how you'd fix this problem other than consolidating down to 
> one account per person. There isn't a way that I'm aware of to say 
> "these 2 users are really the same person."
> Jorge Aldana wrote:
>> Well users login with username and the ticket is sent in via e-mail as
>> username at email.com so yes there's two accounts.
>> Does RT allow for users to login via username at email.com? Or is there a scrip to
>> alter the tickets to set it to username instead of username at email.com as
>> requester when tickets are created? Or force users to login as
>> username at email.com?
>> I'm still fishing through the doc's and learning RT so don't quite know where
>> the tweaking can take place for this. Any guide or pointing to guides if anyone
>> can.
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