[rt-users] Autocomplete type Custom Fields in 3.8.0

BALINT Bekeny bekeny-rt at docca.hu
Tue Jul 29 07:51:44 EDT 2008

Hi List,

I have a question about how "Enter one value with autocompletion" type CFs
I have created a Ticket CF with this type and also added some values for
but nothing happens if I start to type in the CF's input box.
The apache log said: - - [29/Jul/2008:11:16:35 +0200] "POST
/Helpers/Autocomplete/CustomFieldValues HTTP/1.1" 200 -

I don't see any error messages in apache error log or in syslog.

Did I forget some requirements?
Is there any documentation of this?
Should it autocomplete only the added values or the previously entered
values too?

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