[rt-users] Can't remove incorrect "new ticket" queue entry in dropdown

Kevin Freels kfreels at sendmail.com
Tue Jul 29 12:48:58 EDT 2008


RT 3.6.5 / FC8

I have a queue that only contains a couple people for confidential
reasons (HR). I added the director of HR to be a watcher, and everything
was fine; I had tested it, including logging in as her user. This was
the second "production" queue I added to the system. Since then, I've
added three more queues.

However, since this HR queue wasn't very active, the HR director went to
submit a ticket for the first time about a week after I created it, and
suddenly all of the other queues in the instance showed up in the
dropdown next to the "New Ticket" button. This confused the HR director
(and suprised me, since I had tested it before releasing it as a
"production" queue).

I went and tinkered around, changing/removing rights (example: "Show
Queue") from this user, the HR group, etc. However, even after 1) pretty
much taking *all* rights away from her , 2)revoking all rights of the
group she's a member of short of removing her as a privledged user, one
queue (ENG) still shows up in the dropdown that's she's *not* a member
of. She is not a member of the ENG group. No matter what I have tried, I
can't remove that ENG queue entry from the dropdown at all.

It is not the alphabetically first group (we have one named CRM), so I
don't think that is the issue. 

This happens in IE and FF. Restarting httpd did not fix this problem.

The other users for that queue are members of other queues that we are
using, so I can't really muck around with their rights, and that
wouldn't really be an adequate test anyways.

Another related issue: If I set "All Unowned Tickets" in her "RT at a
Glance", she sees tickets for queues she is not a member of. Is this the
default behavior? I'd like her to be able to see unowned tickets in the
HR queue, but not *all* unowned tickets as they really don't concern

Suggestions (and, no, upgrading to 3.8 would be a problem at this point
since we're still getting rolling on RT for the first time....)?

Thanks, as always.

Kevin Freels
Director of Information Technology
Sendmail, Inc.
kfreels at sendmail.com  510/594.5572

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