[rt-users] Can't remove incorrect "new ticket" queue entry in dropdown

Kevin Freels kfreels at sendmail.com
Thu Jul 31 12:59:40 EDT 2008

Further info on this:

I tried creating (modifying) another user to add to the affected queue,
but I still get the incorrect default for the dropdown "new ticket" box
when logged in as that user..

This is becoming a show stopper, and if upgrading to 3.8 is the only
solution to fix, I need to start thinking about this. However, any
suggestions regarding this are greatly appreciated.

Again, thanks as always.


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> Greetings!
> RT 3.6.5 / FC8
> I have a queue that only contains a couple people for 
> confidential reasons (HR). I added the director of HR to be a 
> watcher, and everything was fine; I had tested it, including 
> logging in as her user. This was the second "production" 
> queue I added to the system. Since then, I've added three more queues.
> However, since this HR queue wasn't very active, the HR 
> director went to submit a ticket for the first time about a 
> week after I created it, and suddenly all of the other queues 
> in the instance showed up in the dropdown next to the "New 
> Ticket" button. This confused the HR director (and suprised 
> me, since I had tested it before releasing it as a 
> "production" queue).
> I went and tinkered around, changing/removing rights (example: "Show
> Queue") from this user, the HR group, etc. However, even 
> after 1) pretty much taking *all* rights away from her , 
> 2)revoking all rights of the group she's a member of short of 
> removing her as a privledged user, one queue (ENG) still 
> shows up in the dropdown that's she's *not* a member of. She 
> is not a member of the ENG group. No matter what I have 
> tried, I can't remove that ENG queue entry from the dropdown at all.
> It is not the alphabetically first group (we have one named 
> CRM), so I don't think that is the issue. 
> This happens in IE and FF. Restarting httpd did not fix this problem.
> The other users for that queue are members of other queues 
> that we are using, so I can't really muck around with their 
> rights, and that wouldn't really be an adequate test anyways.
> Another related issue: If I set "All Unowned Tickets" in her 
> "RT at a Glance", she sees tickets for queues she is not a 
> member of. Is this the default behavior? I'd like her to be 
> able to see unowned tickets in the HR queue, but not *all* 
> unowned tickets as they really don't concern her.
> Suggestions (and, no, upgrading to 3.8 would be a problem at 
> this point since we're still getting rolling on RT for the 
> first time....)?
> Thanks, as always.
> ....k
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