[rt-users] CreateSavedSearch question...

Drew Barnes barnesaw at ucrwcu.rwc.uc.edu
Wed Jul 30 14:57:29 EDT 2008

In the User Rights section under the group, you can choose who can edit 
or show searches.  With a little work you could probably create a right 
in groups for create.

Jean-Sebastien Morisset wrote:
> Thanks Keen,
> I was hoping to allow everyone to created their own personal searches,
> but only queue/group admins to create searches for groups. Oh well. :-)
> js.
> On Wed, Jul 30, 2008 at 11:14:52AM -0700, Kenneth Crocker wrote:
>> Jean-Sebastien,
>> 	Yes, that is correct. "ShowSavedSearches" would allow you to see the 
>> list of available saved searches. "LoadSavedSearch" would allow an 
>> existing one (that you see in the list) to be put into the Edit area. 
>> And "EditSavedSearch" would accept any changes you made from the "edit" 
>> area (or when you hit "Apply" in the "advanced" area), when you hit the 
>> "Save" button in the "Saved Searches" box if the name of the search 
>> alr3eady exists. Hope this helps.
>> Kenn
>> On 7/30/2008 10:46 AM, Jean-Sebastien Morisset wrote:
>>> Hi everyone,
>>> If I understand correctly, with the CreateSavedSearch right (on RT
>>> 3.6.6), a user can save searches for himself or any group he belongs to.
>>> WithOUT the CreateSavedSearch right, they can't even save searches under
>>> 'My saved searches' (the Save Search dialog box doesn't even show),
>>> correct? This seems an all or nothing approach, no? Is there a way to
>>> allow users to save personal searches, but not group searches?
>>> js.

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