[rt-users] CreateSavedSearch question...

Kenneth Crocker KFCrocker at lbl.gov
Wed Jul 30 15:11:18 EDT 2008


	Actually, that's just what RT defaults to. We have all the "Create, 
Show, etc." Search privileges applied globally to "Privileged" Users. RT 
automatically let's you "See" what's in your personal "My Saved 
Searches" list and will also list any saved searches that have been 
saved under any group/queue list (provided the group they are in has 
privileges to that queue). If you are in that group, you will see that 
list. So I think you are OK in that manner.
	RT privileges work in a hierarchical & matrixed manner. Just because 
you are given the ability to create a search, doesn't mean you have 
access to data in a queue. To access data, you have to be in a group 
that has "SeeQueue" and "ShowTicketData", as well as have 
"SeeCustomField" for any Custom Fields applied to tickets in that Queue. 
Then you can not only create a search, but GET the results you want. By 
granting all those "Search" rights globally, we did NOT grant the 
privileges to see all the data in all the queues. That is taken care of 
by the "Group Rights" for a given Queue. RT defaults to those settings 
when it comes to actually accessing that data. The information on 
Searches and what they are looking for are in a different table (the 
ATTRIBUTES Table) than Tickets (the TICKET Table), Groups (the GROUPS, 
table). 	I Hope this helps.


On 7/30/2008 11:39 AM, Jean-Sebastien Morisset wrote:
> Thanks Keen,
> I was hoping to allow everyone to created their own personal searches,
> but only queue/group admins to create searches for groups. Oh well. :-)
> js.
> On Wed, Jul 30, 2008 at 11:14:52AM -0700, Kenneth Crocker wrote:
>> Jean-Sebastien,
>> 	Yes, that is correct. "ShowSavedSearches" would allow you to see the 
>> list of available saved searches. "LoadSavedSearch" would allow an 
>> existing one (that you see in the list) to be put into the Edit area. 
>> And "EditSavedSearch" would accept any changes you made from the "edit" 
>> area (or when you hit "Apply" in the "advanced" area), when you hit the 
>> "Save" button in the "Saved Searches" box if the name of the search 
>> alr3eady exists. Hope this helps.
>> Kenn
>> On 7/30/2008 10:46 AM, Jean-Sebastien Morisset wrote:
>>> Hi everyone,
>>> If I understand correctly, with the CreateSavedSearch right (on RT
>>> 3.6.6), a user can save searches for himself or any group he belongs to.
>>> WithOUT the CreateSavedSearch right, they can't even save searches under
>>> 'My saved searches' (the Save Search dialog box doesn't even show),
>>> correct? This seems an all or nothing approach, no? Is there a way to
>>> allow users to save personal searches, but not group searches?
>>> js.

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