[rt-users] Let's say...

Jean-Sebastien Morisset jsmoriss at mvlan.net
Wed Jul 30 16:45:54 EDT 2008

Let's say you have 4 e-mail addresses for 'appearances', but you really
need only one queue in RT. So all 4 e-mail addresses all go to the same
queue. Now when a queue worker adds a reply to a ticket, an e-mail gets
sent to the requestor. The problem is that e-mail is not one of the
original 4. For example:

help-east at dot.com -> Help Queue
help-west at dot.com -> Help Queue
help-north at dot.com -> Help Queue
help-south at dot.com -> Help Queue

And the reply would come from help at doc.com for example.

How would you solve a problem like this? Do you have no choice but to
create 4 queues?

Jean-Sebastien Morisset, Sr. UNIX Administrator <jsmoriss at mvlan.net>

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