[rt-users] BUG: UpdateCc and UpdateBcc silently ignore emails with no domain (RT3.8)

Mathieu Longtin mlongtin at dbsoft.ca
Wed Jul 30 17:28:46 EDT 2008

The bug:

If you enter this in CC field of the comment or reply screen:

                Joe, jim at example.com


Jim will receive the email, Joe won't. And there will be nothing
whatsoever telling you about the missing email to Joe, because it will
have never been sent. Not even a trace in the database.


I was looking at fixing this, but there is no obvious way to report an
entry error in the Ticket/Update.html page. Is there something I should
do in ProcessUpdateMessage to indicate the data is wrong and cancel the
update? Or should I put validation before it even gets there?





Mathieu Longtin



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