[rt-users] Advanced View NOT available: RT 363

Paul O'Leary paul_oleary at breconridge.com
Thu Jul 31 09:33:49 EDT 2008


I have just migrated hardware for my RT system and I am not able to get
into the advanced view for my account. Clicking advanced doesn't really
do anything.  Here is a summary of my migration (it might be a poor

1. Cold backup of the database, copied the Oracle dbfs over, control
files, etc... DB starts up fine, everything is there, I can login via RT
and see tickets, etc...

2. I tarred up my existing RT 363 directory (/usr/local/rt) and moved it
over to new machine, untarred, and removed any existing session data.

3. Moved over the httpd.conf config (uses mod_perl)

AFAIK, this should now enable me to startup the system as it was on the
previous machine. Httpd starts, login page works, can login, but I am
stuck in basic view. I know advanced view is only available to
privileged users, but that should not have changed anywhere in the

Is hostname in anyway linked to the user accounts?

Any suggestions? I have in the meantime been able to get a fresh 3.8.0
to work fine with a copy of the same database and updated schema. I do
however still need 3.6.3 before I move to 3.8.0.



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