[rt-users] RT::Authen::ExternalAuth v0.06 Released - Includes 3.8.xCompatibility

Sean McCreadie smccreadie at CanyonPartners.com
Sun Nov 2 22:41:25 EST 2008

Hello Mike,

Thank you and Kevin for working hard on this release, I am excited to
hopefully get it working on my RT 3.8.1 server.  I have installed the
v0.06 release but I am running into difficulty getting it going.  I have
drilled over the lists trying to get info regarding the errors I am
seeing but so far I have been unable to get users to authenticate with
AD.  I am running a Windows Server 2003 Active Directory, pretty sure
anonymous binding is disabled.  I have attached my SiteConfig file, as
well as the logging in rt.log when I try to authenticate. I have tried
many different ways of entering the 'user' value to no avail.  I have no
problem authenticating with the local root account. Im not sure how or
where to look to see if the RT server is even attempting to authenticate
users to AD, when I look through the rt.log file it doesn't appear to
be.   Thanks in advance for any insight.


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Evening All,

	I am proud to announce the official release of
v0.06 - the first release to be out-of-the-box compatible with RT 3.8.x.
Thanks to everyone for being so patient in waiting for this, I know it
has been a long time since 3.8.0 came out, but as many know I have been
ridiculously busy.

I want to extend MASSIVE thanks to Kevin Falcone for the work he put
into this, it wouldn't have happened without him - at least not for some

I have uploaded the release to CPAN, but it may take some time for it to
become available and propagate to the mirrors. Once done, you should be
able to install it directly through the CPAN shell or find it here:

Until then, you can install directly from the BPS SVN server's trunk, I
don't expect trunk to be changed at least until mid next week, so you
can trust it to be the same as the release at least until it's available
on CPAN. To get and install it from the SVN server:

$ svn co http://code.bestpractical.com/bps-public/RT-Authen-ExternalAuth
$ cd RT-Authen-ExternalAuth/trunk
$ perl Makefile.PL
$ make
$ make install

Have fun :)

BTW, any bugs or feature requests should be submitted through the CPAN
RT system at http://rt.cpan.org.
Kind Regards,


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