[rt-users] RT::Authen::ExternalAuth v0.06 Released - Includes 3.8.xCompatibility

Mike Peachey mike.peachey at jennic.com
Mon Nov 3 04:28:22 EST 2008

Sean McCreadie wrote:
> Hello Mike,
> Thank you and Kevin for working hard on this release, I am excited to
> hopefully get it working on my RT 3.8.1 server.  I have installed the
> v0.06 release but I am running into difficulty getting it going.  I have
> drilled over the lists trying to get info regarding the errors I am
> seeing but so far I have been unable to get users to authenticate with
> AD.  I am running a Windows Server 2003 Active Directory, pretty sure
> anonymous binding is disabled.  I have attached my SiteConfig file, as
> well as the logging in rt.log when I try to authenticate. I have tried
> many different ways of entering the 'user' value to no avail.  I have no
> problem authenticating with the local root account. Im not sure how or
> where to look to see if the RT server is even attempting to authenticate
> users to AD, when I look through the rt.log file it doesn't appear to
> be.   Thanks in advance for any insight.

Can you turn off log stack traces and repost an rt.log? I'm having
difficulty reading through the one you sent quickly and don't have a lot
of time for reading v. slowly.

FWIW, your RT_SiteConfig.pm looks right on the money.

Kind Regards,


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