[rt-users] Homepage display question

Drew Barnes barnesaw at ucrwcu.rwc.uc.edu
Tue Nov 4 16:16:30 EST 2008

I meant the user had prefs set up before you changed the config file 
option.  AFAIK the config file option only lists what shows is 
available, it doesn't actually remove a pref that is already set 
individually.  Check in the Attributes table with  select * from 
Attributes where Name like '%HomepageSettings';  Those are serialized 
preferences for the RT-at-a-glance pages. 

One should be for RT::System, while any others will be for RT::User and 
an id in the next field.  I believe you can blow those away (after 
backing up your db) to reset their views.

I can't find it at the moment but I believe there was a write-up on the 
wiki for how to reset those prefs for everyone to be what you want.

Kenneth Crocker wrote:
> Drew,
>     Well, obviously, I could be wrong, but it was my understanding 
> that the point of the selection list for a home page was to determine 
> what was to be displayed. If it is NOT on the selection list and is 
> NOT selected, I don't understand why it is displayed. I'm surprised no 
> one else has noticed this.
> Kenn
> On 11/4/2008 11:22 AM, Drew Barnes wrote:
>> I suspect that was an option that existed in individual preferences.  
>> Have you tried having a user hit the Reset to default button under 
>> their At-a-glance prefs?  Have you set defaults (or is that only a 
>> 3.8.x thing?)?
>> The config file option, I think, only displays what is available when 
>> you set up your own page, I don't believe it disables something which 
>> is already set.
>> Kenneth Crocker wrote:
>>> To all,
>>>      I haven't heard from anyone yet. I'm on RT 3.6.6  and have set 
>>> my homepage configuration as:
>>> Set($HomepageComponents, [qw(Quicksearch MySupportQueues MyReminders 
>>> RefreshHomepage)]);
>>>      "MyAdminQueues" does show as an option and neither does 
>>> "QuickCreate", which is correct. However, on the bottom of every 
>>> User's homepage, The "QuickCreate" option is there, even though it 
>>> was not selected (AND ALSO NOT available as a choice). I do not 
>>> understand how that can happen. Anyone with an idea on that problem? 
>>> Thanks.
>>> Kenn
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