[rt-users] Customize search for newest unowned

Don Beethe dmbeethe at fedex.com
Wed Nov 5 15:27:44 EST 2008

 We are looking at creating a common RT system to be shared by 10
different groups. Is there some way to customize the display for newest
unowned tickets to limit it to a set of select queues? 
I have read about changing the search, but can't seem to find how to set
up the search I would need. 
It would need to be something like: 
Owner='Nobody' AND (Status = 'new' OR Status = 'open') AND (Queue =
'sysadmin-cos' OR Queue = 'Desktop-cos' OR Queue = 'SAN-cos')

I can't find a way to set up this type of search... If I try to change
from AND to OR Aggregator, it seems to change all to either AND or OR...

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