[rt-users] Problems trying to integrate Shibboleth authentication to RT

Jani Kaila jani.kaila at otaverkko.fi
Thu Nov 6 07:00:22 EST 2008

I'm having trouble getting RT to work with shibboleth ( http://shibboleth.internet2.edu/ 

I've installed Shibboleth SP to the server, and am able to  
authenticate with it.

I've also installed RT-Authen-Federation module ( http://search.cpan.org/dist/RT-Authen-Federation/ 
  ) which should enable us to login using shibboleth authentication,  
but right now when I try to login to our RT, it first shows shibboleth  
login screen. After which it prompts for the RT login, because I have  
enabled WebFallbackToInternalAuth setting. After that I can login with  
normal RT username/password.

I don't get any errors or anything in to logs.

I have RT 3.6.1 installed on Debian etch with apache 2.2 + fastcgi and  
shibboleth sp 2.1 installed from sources.

If anyone has any good hints where to look next, I would appreciate  

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