[rt-users] RT unification (merging multiple RT instances)

Vetter, Isaac A isaac at purdue.edu
Fri Nov 7 12:30:51 EST 2008

Hi Stephen;

Thanks for your response.

>> Within my sub-organization, there were recently four distinct RTs
>> running in
>> various departments. We're making an effort to unify these. So far,
>> departments have been willing to abandon their ticket databases to move.
>> This is no longer the case. So, I'm looking at "unifying" two separate
>> RTs
>> by merging their data. We need a script that could migrate tickets from
>> one
>> RT to another without losing data.
> I'm curious - are all the RTs the same version? And how are you going to
> deal with overlapping ticket numbers?

Yeah. The RT's all the same version, that's the easy part. Overlapping
tickets id (and attachments ids and transaction ids and user ids and ...) is
/the/ problem. Otherwise, it'd be a relatively simple sql insert dump.

To add insult to injury, we need to track ticket numbers that get changed,
such that urls to the "old" RT can be translated to their location in the
new "RT" via a custom web script.

Once someone had figured out how to use the API, I don't /think/ that this
would be such a difficult thing:

1) Get all queues, tickets, transactions, attachments, users, etc from old
RT. Stores these in a perl structure.
2) Switch connections to the new RT.
3) Loop through all of the above objects, inserting and modifying.

My essential question is: Is anyone willing to share code that does
something like this? Even just examples of actually using the API would,
imho, be incredibly useful to the community.

Much Thanks,

Isaac Vetter
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