[rt-users] AssetTracker crashes loading asset

Curtis Bruneau curtisb at vianet.ca
Fri Nov 7 12:52:04 EST 2008

The queries would execute fine, the problem at least in my case is it 
tries to load the whole result set into memory causing oom-killer to go 
on rampage. Apache will peak out, to sort of help this situation I added 
a mem limit to the fastcgi handler which will basically die before 
things get really ugly. I'm able to see this query in the log, it has no 
limit clause so it really is getting everything. While doing a form of 
debug/trace on the apache/handler I'm also able to see it trying to load 
the full row times search results (table.*) into memory. This is all on 
a ticket display from a large search result. So unless you are loading 
it in memory as opposed to say a shell client output you won't run into 
memory problems.

Best of luck with your situation, I have not been able to get any 
confirmation until now with you. I've produced somewhat detailed bug 
report but it appears to be somewhat isolated.. people with low tickets 
will never run into this problem.


John wrote:
> curtis:
> ive played around re-executing the mysql queries related to the RT 
> crash, and to no avail.  they execute just fine.
> could this perhaps be a syslog issue like in RT?  is there a seperate 
> control for syslogging in AT?
> On Fri, 7 Nov 2008, Curtis Bruneau wrote:
>> Date: Fri, 07 Nov 2008 10:43:48 -0500
>> From: Curtis Bruneau <curtisb at vianet.ca>
>> To: John <nimbius at sdf.lonestar.org>, rt-users at lists.bestpractical.com
>> Subject: Re: [rt-users] AssetTracker crashes loading asset
>> Sounds exactly like the issue I have, I think something is trying to 
>> get all those records, I tried to trace it but with no luck, I think 
>> it may be related to the back/next links on the ticket display page. 
>> It's checking each record for something, This is ok with small 
>> results but crashes with large sets. I really wish I could figure 
>> this one out, I get the occasional 500 and users are made aware to 
>> keep search results smaller. In my testing this affected 3.4.x 3.6.x 
>> and 3.8.x
>> John wrote:
>>> well, just as i thought the RT slowness issue had been resolved, 
>>> assettracker
>>> is now dying when loading a ticket out of a large list.
>>> example:  clicking "all assets" enumerates a 9000 row list fine,
>>> but clicking on any element in the list will crunch for a while
>>> then die with a 500 error.
>>> smaller lists with say 1000-3000 rows are sluggish when loading
>>> an asset from the list, but succeed.
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