[rt-users] excluding mail alias from CC

Gary Hall hall at fas.sfu.ca
Sun Nov 9 20:27:14 EST 2008

What is the best way to make sure that certain addresses which also
receive a message that initiates the creation of a ticket are not
automatically copied on its Replies?

When RT is sent a message, it adds the addresses of the other recipients
to the CC list of the replies it sends out. In my shop, RT is sometimes
CC'ed messages sent to mail aliases. If the operator does not remove
the mail alias as a CC manually, all Replies to the ticket get sent to
to all the addresses belonging to the alias. Because the list of recipients
on the Reply composition page is out of sight below the section of the
page used to compose and send the Reply, operators often neglect  to
remove inappropriate addresses. (Can the order of the two sections be
easily reversed?)

I am looking for the best way to exclude certain mail aliases from being
sent a Reply unless they are explicitly added as a CC. In other words,
in the case when RT is CC'ed a message which is not a Reply or
Comment to an existing ticket, I want to either remove all the
addresses in a certain list from the To: and CC: lines or replace them
with an address to which Replies will not be sent (e.g., with the address
for RT itself).

I'm already using procmail to distribute messages to appropriate
queues. so procmail solutions are possible.

Thanks for your attention and any help you may be able to offer.
Gary Hall
Faculty of Applied Sciences
Simon Fraser University
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