[rt-users] CustomField sort order with Global CustomFields

James Berwick jim at jamesberwick.com
Tue Nov 11 01:01:32 EST 2008


Start out by first saying that RT is a great product.  Compared to every 
other ticketing software I've ever used, it rocks.  It almost makes me 
want to sit at my desk all day answering tickets.

We recently updated from RT 3.6.4 to RT 3.8.1.  Our users have noticed 
that the order of CustomFields has changed on the Basics page.  Prior to 
upgrading, Global CustomFields were listed first with queue specific 
ones listed next.  It seems to be reversed now, with all the queue 
specific fields being listed first and global CustomFields being listed 
at the end.

Everything sorts correctly inside of its own list (ie, queue specific 
fields sort correctly amongst themselves).  I didn't see this after 
searching the archive and I'm lost as to where to start looking for a 

Thanks in advance for any guidance!

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