[rt-users] queue design

Russ Tremain Russ.Tremain at Sun.COM
Wed Nov 12 12:21:28 EST 2008


I'm working to configure a virgin RT instance for my team.

I've attended Jesse's training and have read the RT Essentials book.

The goal of our installation is to track internal requests for
engineering services, including infrastructure tooling and release work.

For example, branch that codeline, lift that bale.. whoops, wrong lyrics. :)

I'm leaning toward a "team-centric" design for the queues, while refining
the task attributes toward release product & codeline fields.

So, for a first pass, perhaps have just two queues:

	1) releaseWork
	2) toolsWork

Each of these queues would have associated with it a set of 
attributes, such as:

	o Request type:  {branchRequest, codelineSetup, 
kitContentChange, ... etc}
	o Product/Project Name
	o Codeline{branch} Name  (for example "open-esb{trunk}" )
	o Target Release Number

Etc.  It is possible that the 2 queues will share several custom fields.

My question is:

Is this a logical design?  I.e., fewer queues, more shared custom fields, with
queues targeted toward those who will work on them (work-group centric design).

Second question is,

Is there a way to display "conditional" custom fields?

I.e., have the web interface present a set of custom fields only if
another is selected.  In the above example, I would only want to fill out
the codeline related variables in the "releaseWork" queue if the Request
type was related to a project or product codeline.


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