[rt-users] Upgrade RT

Ruslan Zakirov ruz at bestpractical.com
Wed Nov 19 09:30:05 EST 2008

On Wed, Nov 19, 2008 at 5:08 PM, Tim Cutts <tjrc at sanger.ac.uk> wrote:
> On 18 Nov 2008, at 4:47 pm, Tim Cutts wrote:
>>> What switches did you use to dump the mysql? I see few gotcha's about
>>> using binary characters
>>> and separate dump  for attachment table and stuff
>> OK, yes, I've just looked at an attachment to one of our tickets, and
>> yes, it's corrupted.  Bugger.  So I've obviously missed something.  I
>> thought that all one needed to do was to apply the mysql 4.0->4.1
>> patches at the appropriate point, but clearly something is wrong.  Or
>> is it what you allude to above, and we need to do something smarter
>> when dumping the Attachment table?  Can you give me some references to
>> where you've seen the gotchas?
> OK, I'm now getting a bit concerned, because I've re-done my upgrade
> procedure based on dumping with --default-charset=binary, but I've
> still got a problem with corrupted attachments.  I imagine there's a
> huge amount of past material on this list about this problem - are
> there any good summary documents somewhere?  The procedure I'm trying
> to follow is:
> 1)  mysqldump my RT 3.4.2 instance, which is running on a MySQL 4.1.11
> database (maybe this is my problem?  Maybe I don't need the 4.0->4.1
> update at all?)
As you're on mysql 4.1.x and RT older than 3.8 then you should
dump/load data using binary character set to avoid any data

> 2)  Load that dump into a new MySQL 5.0 database on my new system
using binary character set again to avoid conversion.

> 3)  Apply the 3.4.2 -> 3.8.0 update
> 4)  Apply the MySQL 4.0->4.1 patch, if necessary (I'm now wondering
> whether it is, or whether applying it is actually causing the problem)
You must do it.

> 5)  Apply the 3.8.0 -> 3.8.1 update
> Any ideas?
> Tim

Best regards, Ruslan.

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