[rt-users] Upgrade RT

Tim Cutts tjrc at sanger.ac.uk
Thu Nov 20 03:48:03 EST 2008

Thanks very much, Ruslan.

On 19 Nov 2008, at 2:30 pm, Ruslan Zakirov wrote:

> As you're on mysql 4.1.x and RT older than 3.8 then you should
> dump/load data using binary character set to avoid any data
> conversions.

OK, so that's:

mysqldump --default-character-set=binary ... > dump.sql


>> 2)  Load that dump into a new MySQL 5.0 database on my new system
> using binary character set again to avoid conversion.

so when I run the SQL back through mysql, I should again do:

mysql --default-character-set=binary rtdb < dump.sql

>> 3)  Apply the 3.4.2 -> 3.8.0 update
>> 4)  Apply the MySQL 4.0->4.1 patch, if necessary (I'm now wondering
>> whether it is, or whether applying it is actually causing the  
>> problem)
> You must do it.

OK, good.

>> 5)  Apply the 3.8.0 -> 3.8.1 update

So, I've now done the above procedure again, using --default-character- 
set=binary, and I still seem to have the problem with corrupted  
attachments, so I'm still missing something.

I think the difficulty here is that I don't know at what stage in this  
process I'm doing the damage.


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