[rt-users] Bad AD or is it my config?

Robert Munsch Munsch at phillycarshare.org
Thu Nov 20 13:23:09 EST 2008

Ok, narrowing this down.


Have a user "rtbind" with the creative password "tickets."  Running
ldapsearch from the command line with this user's credentials gets me
results as expected.


Logging in to the web interface using this same user and password gets


[Thu Nov 20 18:13:23 2008] [debug]: $pass defined (tickets), Running

[Thu Nov 20 18:13:23 2008] [debug]: Password Incorrect

[Thu Nov 20 18:13:23 2008] [error]: FAILED LOGIN for rtbind from (/opt/rt3/share/html/autohandler:265)


So now I'm *really* confused.  It's finding the rtbind user in AD and
accepting that (I tested by entering a bogus user (literally), and I see
the expected 

            [debug]: User Check Failed :: ( AD_LDAP ) bogus User not

 So the user lookup is okay).


Just for laughs, I made rtbind a domain admin.  I assumed that would
remove permission to check passwords in AD as a factor.  Was I wrong, or
is there still something dumb in my config somewhere?


I've been using Softerra's LDAP Browser (freeware) to check structure.
I'm not sure what I'm missing at this point :-(.




Rob Munsch

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